Tenuta San Michele

Italian taste

San Michele wines paired with the Mediterranean cuisine

San Michele red wines are the perfect match with Italian culinary art.

Amarone and Ripasso, thanks to their important structure and intense flavour, are excellent with braised meats, stews and particularly with game. Try them with pasta and ragù meat sauce, grilled meats, ravioli and roasts. They’re ideal to accompany cured meats and cheeses, including traditional dishes such as ‘peasant soups’. They are also great ‘meditation wines’ to conclude an excellent dinner with a touch of class. Amarone, in particular, is used to prepare the risotto all'Amarone, a typical Valpolicella dish.

‘Valpolicella Superiore’ and ‘Valpolicella classico’ accompany oven-baked first course with meat sauces, risottos, games, grilled meats and of course not too spicy aged cheeses. They’re also excellent as an aperitif combined with mixed cold cuts, a typical Italian dish.

The Pinot Grigio, on the other hand, is excellent as an aperitif; it can accompany appetizers such as cold cuts, sea or lake fish dishes, fish risottos and pasta dishes with vegetable sauces. It pairs excellent with main courses made with white meats, cheeses and fishes. 
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